Team & Community Consulting

Creating the story that people remember and want to share

After years as an educator and community builder, I’m bringing my experience as a consultant.

I have a passion for creating clear paths of communication, telling the story of your team, company, or community, and creating strategies that allow for trust, respect, and growth.


Community Discovery

  • Goal setting,
  • Purpose statement,
  • Engagement strategy.

Team Building

  • Creating clear paths of communication,
  • Identifying and amplifying the strengths of your team,
  • Identifying weaknesses and supporting team members’ growth,
  • Optimizing your strategy.

Formalizing Community

  • Creating a supportive structure,
  • Identifying a strategy that corresponds with the community purpose,
  • Examining company and community strategy to ensure alignment,
  • Recommending measurements of success.

Creating Community Experiences

I specialize in creating intimate experiences that allow for sharing, growth, and learning together. This could be in a conference, virtual, or hybrid setting.